List Brokerage

Regency Direct Mail list brokers play a key role in successful direct marketing campaigns. Seasoned professional marketers and consultants, our list brokers provide in depth research into information that matters to you, including your market, competition, and available lists, ensuring your marketing campaign needs are met. Your Regency Direct Mail list broker will provide complete research, list analysis, list recommendations, order placement to ensure the list rental process is successful.

List Research

Regency Direct Mail provides extensive list management research to determine the probable effectiveness of a mailing list for a specific campaign. List brokers will compare various databases of lists (including databases not available to the public) to match campaign criteria with specific list content, taking into account the size of the list, cost, list selections, and update frequency. Additionally, Regency Direct Mail provides analysis as to the effectiveness of a list used in previous campaigns, ensuring optimum success.


Regency Direct Mail operates on an international basis and is in daily contact with list managers, list owners, and list representatives world-wide, and as a result, our list brokerage team is able to make specific recommendations to you regarding the lists that will produce optimum results. Your list broker will provide counts for certain geographical areas, usage information, advice on which selections to use, and recommendations on test quantities for each list presented.

Order Placement

Your Regency Direct Mail list broker will provide you with complete order placement services, determining order quantities for each list and placing each orders while coordinating the shipping arrangements.

Regency Direct Mail list brokers are more than just list salesmen - they are true marketing consultants and seasoned professionals. Through trust, confidence, and communication, Regency Direct Mail list brokers will work with you to create an effective marketing team that's specifically unique to your requirements.